About Jialu

Our Jialu – our dream

Jialu is a Chinese restaurant unlike anything you’ve seen before! We don’t just talk about authenticity and sustainability – we make it a reality. We use only the best natural ingredients, traditional recipes and authentic traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation in China. We love variety and we pass this appreciation on to you by updating our menu regularly with new, seasonal dishes alongside our classics.

The range of Chinese dishes is as vast as the country itself. That is why it is our mission and our passion to serve you authentic Chinese cuisine. For us, this also means that we want to show you dishes that you may not have tried before, but which are sure to tickle your taste buds. This is also the reason that we skip well-trodden dishes and foods such as sweet and sour sauce. After all, there are enough restaurants out there serving these dishes, and it’s not as if Swiss restaurants all cook the same few dishes.

Last, but not least, an authentic meal requires the right atmosphere as well. We brought all of our interior decor, art, table settings, and even our staff uniforms with us directly from China. This decor, together with the top-down renovation of our premises, means that every visit to Jialu is sure to transport you to the Far East.

Come to Jialu and let us indulge you and help you forget, even just for a moment, the stresses of everyday life.
We bring the Far East to Switzerland.

Jialu National

Haldenstrasse 4

6006 Lucerne Switzerland


+41 (0)41 410 80 38