Jialu Green

Doing our part to help save the environment. Sustainability is extremely important to us. We do everything in our power to reduce our energy costs and curb unnecessary consumption wherever we can. That is why our company car is an Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG ecoFlex that runs on natural gas. In private, we take public transport wherever possible, which also means we arrive much more relaxed. This also greatly reduces the amount of pollution caused by transport compared to driving.


We have found even more potential savings: we have replaced the bulbs in all of our lamps with energy-saving light bulbs, which has significantly reduced consumption. All new devices that we purchase must have an energy efficiency standard of A+ at a minimum. We have also drastically reduced our paper waste through the use of digital technologies. Furthermore, we only use 100% recycled paper and, when possible, we print on both sides. As a rule, we sort our waste and bring it to the local recycling collection points.

Environmentally friendly

All of the cleaning products we use – at the restaurant, in the kitchen, and at home – are as green as possible. We use Suma Pur Eco products that have been awarded the official EU Ecolabel. This not only benefits the environment, but also our health and the health of our staff here at the restaurant. Our efforts make us feel good about ourselves and our work, and also help us to save money. A win-win situation for the environment and our company.

Local roots

Just because we speak Chinese and cook Chinese food doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about our roots here in Switzerland. The basic ingredients used in Switzerland and China are often the same: you can find carrots, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, etc., here in abundance. That is why we focus on using products from the region, or at least from Switzerland. We are members of ‘Das Beste der Region’, an organisation that promotes local products, and we purchase Swiss meat and vegetables whenever possible. The best part is that using seasonal, local products makes our dishes even more delicious!

Jialu National

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