Jialu National

 a bit of Jialu at your home

You got a craving for exotic spices and the flavours of a world afar but, don't feel like eating out?

No problem, you can take away your favourite dishes of the Jialu menu anytime now. Therefore, you can celebrate the culinary riches of the Middle Kingdom in your very own living room.


Telephone:    041 410 8038

WhatsApp:    079 872 9053

All the Wines are per 75cl bottle and as take out you can get a CHF -25.00 discount.


During our opening times you can get your favourite Jialu-dishes to your own home!


Pick up/Take-out:

10% reduced prices on everything!




Telefon: 041 410 8038

WhatsApp: 079 872 9053
WeChat: Luzern-jiayin

Signal: 079 872 9052



On all the wines on our wine list we offer you a CHF 25.- discount as well.



Have a look at our menu:
Our fish and prawns are all MSC-certified or sustainably farmed. You can enjoy our fish and seafood with a clean conscience. We never use MSG, meat tenderizers or any other additives in our cooking. Enjoy fresh, natural ingredients.

Cooking and working in harmony with nature is one of our top priorities. That is why, unlike most other Asian restaurants, we never use MSG or meat tenderizers such as baking soda.

We also offer takeaway!

Simply stop by or order by phone at: +41 (0)41 41 80 38

We do our best to keep waste to a minimum for the good of the environment. For this reason, we offer you 10% off all takeaway dishes when you bring your own containers or Tupperware!


Jialu National

Haldenstrasse 4

6006 Lucerne Switzerland