Jialu National

The cuisine | natural - authentic - aromatic

As big as the country, so big is the choice of dishes from China. Therefore, our mission and passion is to serve genuine Chinese dishes.

Our cuisine is focused on the culinary gems of North China, Beijing and Sichuan Province. As in China, we serve everything on platters and in small bowls placed in the center of the table. In this way, everything is shared and you have a varied family meal.

The most important thing for us is that we cook and work in harmony with nature. Everything is fresh and preferably from the region and in season.
Likewise, we do completely without glutamate and any meat tenderizing powder (e.g. soda).

"...The food was insanely good..."

auf Tripadvisor 2021 - 16/07/2021

Animal friendly | vegetarian - vegan

Our offer is by no means only for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans will also find something on our menu. We carry a large, vegan offer up to the desserts and various vegan wines.

"...Delicious insight into vegan Chinese cuisine..."

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Während unseren Öffnungszeiten könnt ihr eure Jialu-Lieblingsgerichte nach Hause holen!

Auf alle abgeholten Gerichte offerieren wir einen Rabatt von 10%

Auf alle 75cl Flaschen Wein von unserer Karte, gibt es einen Take Away Rabatt von CHF -25.00