About Jialu

Jialu - a team with a vision


Her full name is Jiayin Liu, a native Chinese who is proud of her heritage and the traditional values of her culture.
After years in education and various jobs in the high-end gastronomy in Europe and China, she became an experienced and passionate hostess.


lu comes from Lukas Achermann, a true Nidwalden native from Buochs. A trained chef with an affinity for Chinese culture, his career took off early on in the direction of Asia. After years abroad, he has now found his way back to his roots.


Jiayin and Lukas met in Switzerland and soon emigrated to Jiayin's home country, China. During their five years in the Middle Kingdom, they were particularly impressed by Beijing's gastronomy scene with 60,000 restaurants. Full of experience and ideas, the two came back to Switzerland and created the China Restaurant Jialu.

An experience like in the Middle Kingdom.


Since 2009

"...without exception excellent...location simply splendid".

Google 2021 - 16/07/2021

Our planet - environmentally conscious - sustainable - social

We have a great collaboration with the Brändi Foundation, which produces organic Chinese vegetables for us in the Lucerne Lake Valley.

We cooperate with WfW (Water for Water), which means that the total proceeds of our sold tap water are used for social projects in Africa. To the projects.

Wines come exclusively from Europe and many from Switzerland. We also have many Swiss brands that we celebrate with pleasure.