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As vast as the country, so is the variety of Chinese dishes. Therefore, it is our mission and passion to serve authentic Chinese dishes.

Our kitchen is focused on the culinary gems of Northern China, Beijing, and the Sichuan province. Just like in China, we serve everything on plates and in small bowls placed in the center of the table. This way, everything is shared, and you can enjoy a diverse family meal.

The most important thing for us is to cook and operate in harmony with nature. Everything fresh and preferably sourced locally and in line with the season.
We also completely refrain from using MSG and any meat tenderizer powder (e.g., soda).

Animal friendly

vegetarian - vegan

Our menu is by no means limited to meat lovers; it also caters to vegetarians and vegans, who will find plenty of options on our menu. We offer a wide range of vegan options, including desserts and various vegan wines.




During our opening hours, you can have your favorite Jialu dishes delivered to your home!

We offer a 10% discount on all dishes for takeout.

On all 75cl bottles of wine from our menu, there is a
CHF -25.00 take-away discount

A la carte


• (We cook with peanut oil, if you have allergies, please ask our staff)
• (S) Spicy
• *Beef, pork, and chicken are exclusively Swiss meat, duck is from Germany
• msc = sustainable farming/catching
• Prices in CHF and incl. 7.7% VAT

Vegan menu / the animal-friendly menu

To discover / per person

• (If you have allergies, please ask our staff)
• (S) Spicy
• Prices in CHF and incl. VAT.


Wine list

In the Chinese restaurant Jialu, you can have a unique culinary experience by indulging in dishes and menus of Chinese cuisine enhanced with matching wines from the world’s most renowned wine regions







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